Pregnant Nurse Punched in the Face


There is nothing like rage to blind a man to decency and common sense. Blind enough to punch a pregnant nurse in the face.

The outrageous incident occurred in China, when the son of an ailing woman allegedly hospitalized a pregnant nurse by punching her in the face. This caused her to break a tooth, and gave her a concussion as well.

The altercation started when the man was asked by the nurse in question to wait for the CT Scan results of his mother. When the nurse told him to wait, he rushed towards her and allegedly dared her to repeat what she said. By this time, the other nurses in the nurses’ station were already trying their best to prevent the incident from escalating, at the same time trying to protect their fellow nurse and separating her from the angry man.

They also told the man that the nurse he was berating was pregnant. According to the hospital’s CCTV footage, the nurse repeated her admonition to the man to wait one moment, after which the man fully lost his remaining temper and attacked the hospital nurse. He punched her in the face, leaving the nurse concussed and with a broken tooth. The man was even reported to have stated how he doesn’t care if the nurse was pregnant, before commencing with his assault.

The victim was a thirty-four-year-old nurse who had been treating the man’s elderly mother when she began suffering from aphasia, or the incapacity to understand speech or to speak. She was admitted to Zhongnan Hospital, a medical facility located in Wuhan, China, where she was looked after by the doctors and nurses there, including the alleged victim.


After the incident, the unnamed suspect was detained by the hospital security and afterward was arrested by the police. As for the alleged victim, she was treated for the injuries she sustained. It is still unclear whether the incident caused an adverse effect on her unborn baby. In a statement, Zhongnan Hospital said that it will sue the alleged suspect due to his grave misconduct against their employee.

It has been reported that the man subsequently apologized to the nurse. Even then, the hospital still maintained its stance of pursuing legal action against the suspect, regardless of whether their injured employee wanted to file a lawsuit or not. She is reportedly a veteran nurse who has already served for thirteen years.

The incident sparked an outraged statement from Zhongnan Hospital officials, who criticized the man’s actions and called for increased patience towards the many hardworking men and women of the healthcare and medical profession.

The series of images below are stills produced from the hospital CCTV recording, which clearly showed how the suspect attacked the nurse while she was being futilely protected by her fellow employees.

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