There have been a lot of comments and more and more questions regarding the Registered Nurses for Health Enhancement and Local Service or RN heals. To have that remedied, we will be posting here some frequently asked questions regarding RN Heals.

Answers are based on the Department Order 2011-0239 of the Department of Health.

What is the RNHeals program?

RNHeals, is a project by the Department of Health to lessen the number of unemployed registered nurses in the country. RNHeals stands for Registered Nurses for Health Enhancement and Local Service.

Will there be an RNHeals 4?

Probably. Lets keep our fingers and toes crossed! Yes there will be an RN Heals 4! Read more here.

Just how much is the salary?

Successful applicants shall receive 8,000 PHP will be given each month. While midwives will receive 6,000 pesos per month. Also, the Local Government Units will give you an additional 2,000 pesos. Do the math.

What are the other benefits of RNHeals?

  • PhilHealth Insurance of 1,200 pesos per year
  • Group Accident Insurance enrollment of 500 pesos per year
  • Certificate of completion after satisfactory completion of the project

Will there be free food?

There is really something called “Free Lunch” in RNheals. According to the guidelines: “The DOH hospitals shall provide meals for the nurses during their tour of duty. This shall be equivalent to at least Php2, 000 per month.”. Awesome.

What is the Certificate of Completion for?

Nurses and midwives who completed and program and received the Certificate of Completion, shall be given priority employment in government health facilities where vacant posts exists.

What if I absent myself, or have been late during my duty?

Absences, tardiness or under time shall be deducted from the nurses’ and midwives’ monthly allowances.

Will replacement in RNHeals be allowed?

If someone hired dropped-out of the program, he/she can be replaced but will only fill up the remaining period of the project.

How to apply for the RNHeals program?

Once the application for the RNHeals program is open, you can submit your application letters and other requirements (see below) directly to DOH hospitals or through the CHD. For more detailed instructions, read RNHeals 2 How to Apply

What are the requirements for the RNHeals program?

The requirements of RNHeals are:

  1. Official and validated PRC license
  2. Application letter
  3. Current CV or Resume
  4. Transcript of records (depends on the institution)
  5. Must be physically and mentally fit
  6. Medical certificate from a government hospital is also required

Is there a written examination I have to pass first?

Yes. This is provided by the hospital you are applying for.

What are CHDs?

CHD stands for Center of Health Development. These are hospitals managed by the Department of Health. You can view the full list of CHD hospitals by following this link.

I applied for RNHeals but they said that their volunteers nurses will be given priority first. That’s unfair!

Sad to say it isn’t unfair. The DOH guidelines regarding the application process specifically said that “Nurse and midwife volunteers, trainees, or those exposed in the recipient hospitals and other health facilities shall be given priority.” 

And besides, why wouldn’t you hire the people you know and have worked for you, right? Its easier on their part.

Backer system?

Inevitable. Just go with it. Find yourself one, too.

Backer system. Someone was hired for the RNheals program even he/she didn’t passed the NLE yet!

Now we’re talking. There is really something wrong with that scenario. Please report them to the DOH using this form.

When will RNHeals 3 or RNHeals 2012 be accepting applicants?

We have heard some posts that they are now currently hiring for RNheals 3, but we are not 100% sure about those posts.

Can we apply on district hospitals?

As far as I know, only DOH hospital and CHDs are allowed for the RNHeals program. So no.

Can we apply in (insert place, location here)

Check out our list of CHD hospitals here. If its listed in there, you can apply on that hospital.

I applied on (insert hospital here), but they said they are still not accepting applicants

We can attribute this problem with the way the DOH sends their memo. It is possible that they haven’t received that memo yet, or received it but haven’t took the appropriate action for it. Try again next time.

Until when can I pass my application letter?

There is no general deadline for all hospitals. It depends on the hospital you are applying for. And until the slots have been filled.

Can we use the claim stub? I passed the board examination but haven’t received my license yet.

Some hospitals will allow that. You can use the Online Verification of Rating by the PRC as a backup.

To whom will I address the application letter?

They are addressed to the Director of the Hospital or the Chief Nurse. If you are not sure, you can call their office, the numbers are listed here.

Any sample application letter I can use as a template?

Check this out

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