Student Nurses Should be Paid while on Placement According to Union


Calls for student nurses to receive a decent wage during their clinical placements were made yesterday in Unison’s annual health conference in Liverpool.

Delegates from the NHS Glasgow Clyde and CVS branch moved the motion on the importance of providing a “living wage” for trainee nurses.

“Student nurses are required to work 37.5 hours on a rotational shift rota whilst on placement and actively participate in patient care often holding their own supervised case load,” the conference noted.

[quote_right]”The situation effectively prevents student nurses… from taking part-time jobs to help pay for their rent and other expenses.”[/quote_right]


The situation effectively prevents student nurses, as compared to other students going through university, from taking part-time jobs to help pay for their rent and other expenses.

The result often leaves them struggling to maintain a decent living standard on below that minimum wage, which can often result in student raking up crippling amounts of debt before they are qualified.

Members of the conference motioned on the Health Service Group Executive to develop campaign materials which should be used in every student nurse recruitment activity.


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