Surgeon and Nurse Dances While Performing Surgery


A video has appeared and has gone viral that depicts medical practitioners – particularly a surgeon and a nurse, dancing to pop music while in the middle of performing a surgical operation. This video went viral immediately after being posted via It shows a plastic surgeon along with the surgical scrub nurse performing surgery at a clinic in Medellin City, Colombia.

With pop music blaring in the surgical theater, they put down their surgical tools next to their ‘patient’ and promptly exhibited outrageous dance moves. The video seems to be made as a spoof; however, its viewers failed to catch on the fun. One of those who have seen it even proposed that the surgeon be punished for such unprofessional actions.

In the video, the medics were seen dancing while garbed in surgical scrubs and surgical masks on their faces. The alleged patient is lying on the surgical table between them with his abdomen apparently cut wide open. After a short burst of wild dancing, where they struggled to suppress their laughter, the surgical team returned to doing the apparent surgical procedure as if nothing happened prior.

A councilor from the city of Medellin named Bernardo Alejandro Guerra was shocked as he viewed the film. According to him, the film came to his attention, and because he was offended by it, he reported it to the local media.

In the clip, the apparent offenders even shared a joke in the middle of the operation before going back to their procedure. Mr. Guerra considered this a lack of professional and even moral ethics, disrespecting both the patient and the medical profession.

Amazingly, there seemed to be no anesthesiologist in the said video.


Guerra urged the local authorities to act on the issue and impose sanctions on the nurse and surgeon.

Below are shown more still pictures of the supposedly offending incident.

As of this time, it has not been established how the video footage found its way online. Nevertheless, the whistleblower who uploaded it stated that it wasn’t the first time that the surgeon became involved in questionable antics. Guerra further shared that the whistleblower leaked the offending video to him as he was seriously concerned with the actions of the surgeon.

Another story implicating the doctor in question came out when a citizen named Carmen Calderon stated that she recognized the surgeon in the video. She said that that doctor operated on her two years ago while claiming at the same time that he botched her surgical operation. When Calderon saw the video footage, she said that the surgeon should pay for his offensive actions, as it is considered abuse.


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