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7 Tracheostomy Nursing Care Plans

Nursing care objectives for a client who had undergone tracheostomy includes maintaining a patent airway through proper suctioning of secretions, providing an alternative means of communication, providing information on tracheostomy care, and preventing the occurrence of infection.

Immunological Medications NCLEX Practice Quiz (20 items)

Nurses who want to pass the NCLEX- RN exam with flying colors usually takes several sample tests to improve their ability to answer questions. This practice examination hopefully will help you do it!

Pharmacology: Anti-infective Drugs and Topical Agents (30 Items)

If you're preparing for the NCLEX, answer this 30-item quiz that covers drugs associated with anti-infective therapies (antibiotics, antitubercular agents, etc) and topical agents. Let's ace that NCLEX!