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    Histamine-2 Antagonists

    Learn about histamine-2 antagonists, its uses, and the nursing considerations for patients using them.


    Antihistamines block the release or action of histamine, a chemical released during inflammation that increases secretions and narrows airways.

    Nausea Nursing Care Plan

    Use this nursing diagnosis guide to help you create nursing interventions for nausea nursing care plan.


    The term thalassemia is applied to a variety of inherited blood disorders characterized by deficiencies in the rate of production of specific globin chains in hemoglobin.

    Allergic Rhinitis

    Although allergic rhinitis (AR) is a common disease, the impact on daily life cannot be underestimated. Allergic rhinitis in children is most often caused by sensitization to animal dander, house dust, pollens, and molds.

    Pharmacology: Respiratory and Gastrointestinal Drugs (20 Items)

    Now let's test your knowledge about drugs associated with respiratory and gastrointestinal medical therapies. In this 20-item set for the NCLEX, we'll cover topics like Antihistamines, Bronchodilators, Antiemetics, Laxatives, and Antidiarrheal Agents.