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ER Nurses Should Assess Patients for In-home Firearm Risks

Do you ask at-risk patients in about access to firearms in the home? Do you believe that you could do this and that it is important for the future safety of your patients?

Nursing Diagnosis Guide and List: All You Need to Know to Master Diagnosing

Know the concepts behind writing NANDA nursing diagnosis (NDx) in this ultimate tutorial and list. Learn what is a nursing diagnosis, the nursing process, the different types, and how to write NANDA nursing diagnoses correctly.

Nursing Care Plans (NCP): Ultimate Guide and Database

In this tutorial, we have the ultimate database and list of nursing care plans (NCP) and NANDA nursing diagnosis samples for our student nurses and professional nurses to use all for free!

5 Types of Lies Your Patients Might Be Telling You

Perhaps one of the most surprising lessons you’ll learn in the hospital is that not all patients tell the truth.

5 Dos And 5 Don’ts of Paging Doctors At Night

Before you dial that number, here's what you need to know as a nurse when paging or calling doctors be it night or day.

The First Prenatal Visit

What would the nurse do during the first prenatal visit and the succeeding ones? Learn the assessment needed for this important step in providing care to the pregnant woman.

7 Types of Challenging Patients and How to Interview Them

Here are the seven types of challenging patients and how to interview them for your nursing assessment.

Nursing Health Assessment Mnemonics & Tips

This post has 11+ Nursing Health Assessment Mnemonics & Tips to help you through your nursing assessment and physical examinations.

Nursing Health Assessment and Pain Nursing Quiz (30 Questions)

This nursing exam covers the concepts of Nursing Health Assessment and Pain. Test your knowledge with this 30-item exam. Get that perfect score in your NCLEX or NLE exams with this questionnaire.

60+ Funny Charting Bloopers Found on Actual Medical Records

Enjoy these 65 funny charting errors and bloopers found on actual medical records.