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Situational Low Self-Esteem Nursing Diagnosis and Care Plan

Situational Low Self-Esteem

Situational Low Self-Esteem: Development of a negative perception of self-worth in response to current situation.
Stressed nurse

Survey Confirms Nurses Work Under Tough Conditions

The majority of nurses who responded to a recent survey by LNC STAT are unhappy with their working conditions.

3 Tips for Dealing with Mean Nurses and Nurse Bullying

Here are three important things you need to know when dealing with a mean nurse and nurse bullying.
How Rudeness in Healthcare Setting Affects Nurses

How ‘Rudeness’ in Healthcare Setting Affects Nurses

The researchers concluded that in a real situation it could have made the difference between the patient living and dying.
Tensed male nurse sitting on staircase

Feeling Pressured? 5 Ways Nurses Can Say No

Before you agree to another demand, here are five tips on how nurses can say no.
3 Reasons Why Nurse-Bullying Must Stop

3 Reasons Why Nurse-Bullying Must Stop

Here a few reasons why nurse bullying is dangerous and unacceptable.

5 Things You Don’t Get To Learn In Nursing School

Here are some of the things nursing schools don’t usually teach its nurses and are left to experience:

When Nurses Eat Their Young: 4 Ways to Respond to Bullying in Nursing

When nurses eat their young, what exactly do you need to do? Here’s a list of responses you can take to address bullying.
5 Difficult Nurse Coworkers You'll Encounter And How To Deal With Them

5 Difficult Nurse Coworkers You’ll Encounter And How To Deal With Them

Here are the 5 difficult nurse coworkers you'll encounter and our cheat sheet on how to deal with them.

A Quick Guide To Bullying Your Student Nurses…Not!

Sad to say, virtues of humility, respect, and grace are slowly being forgotten.