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Survey Confirms Nurses Work Under Tough Conditions

The majority of nurses who responded to a recent survey by LNC STAT are unhappy with their working conditions.

3 Tips for Dealing with Mean Nurses and Nurse Bullying

Here are three important things you need to know when dealing with a mean nurse and nurse bullying.
How Rudeness in Healthcare Setting Affects Nurses

How ‘Rudeness’ in Healthcare Setting Affects Nurses

The researchers concluded that in a real situation it could have made the difference between the patient living and dying.
Tensed male nurse sitting on staircase

Feeling Pressured? 5 Ways Nurses Can Say No

Before you agree to another demand, here are five tips on how nurses can say no.
3 Reasons Why Nurse-Bullying Must Stop

3 Reasons Why Nurse-Bullying Must Stop

Here a few reasons why nurse bullying is dangerous and unacceptable.

5 Things You Don’t Get To Learn In Nursing School

Here are some of the things nursing schools don’t usually teach its nurses and are left to experience:

When Nurses Eat Their Young: 4 Ways to Respond to Bullying in Nursing

When nurses eat their young, what exactly do you need to do? Here’s a list of responses you can take to address bullying.
5 Difficult Nurse Coworkers You'll Encounter And How To Deal With Them

5 Difficult Nurse Coworkers You’ll Encounter And How To Deal With Them

Here are the 5 difficult nurse coworkers you'll encounter and our cheat sheet on how to deal with them.

A Quick Guide To Bullying Your Student Nurses…Not!

Sad to say, virtues of humility, respect, and grace are slowly being forgotten.

Horizontal Violence – Don’t Take it Lying Down!

Horizontal violence (or lateral violence) is increasingly common among nursing. The impact of such violence can cause detrimental damage to the victim involved and patient care can be de-prioritised.

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