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Cholecystitis Nursing Care Management and Study Guide


Cholecystitis is the acute or chronic inflammation of the gallbladder.
Bile Duct Stones (Choledocholithiasis) Nursing Care and Management Study Guides

Bile Duct Stones (Choledocholithiasis)

Diseases of the gallbladder and the biliary tract are common, and in most cases, painful conditions frequently require surgery and may be life-threatening.
NCLEX Practice Exam 3 (40 Items)

NCLEX Practice Exam 3 (40 Items)

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Cholecystitis Nursing Care Plans

4 Cholecystitis and Cholelithiasis Nursing Care Plans

Cholecystitis is an acute or chronic inflammation of the gallbladder, usually associated with gallstone(s) impacted in the cystic duct, causing distension of the gallbladder. Below are 4 nursing care plans for Cholecystitis