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    Euthanasia: Mercy or Murder?

    Euthanization is intentionally ending a life by professionally administering lethal medication.

    10 Things I Wish I Knew Before Becoming A Nurse

    We all know that nursing isn’t easy. Unfortunately, however, they didn’t tell us all the reasons why during our years in nursing school.

    35 Creepy Last Words Uttered by Patients Before Dying as Shared by Doctors and...

    Working in health care will teach you that death is inevitable. You'll be one of people to how life starts and how it will end. Here's a compilation of the responses from the /r/askreddit thread:

    5 Harsh Life Truths Nurses Know Too Well

    Here are five hard life truths that take a while to understand but nurses know too well.

    5 Things You Don’t Get To Learn In Nursing School

    Here are some of the things nursing schools don’t usually teach its nurses and are left to experience:

    Choosing Death Over Life is Choosing Life Itself

    With dying patients, it is inevitable that the loved ones of the patient be given the option to sign a “Do Not Resuscitate” agreement.

    6 Things Nurses Deal With Daily That Would Make Most People Cringe

    We introduce six things that nurses must deal with every day that would motivate most people for a career change.

    10 Reasons Why Being a Nurse is Not Easy

    In the world where nurses are always taken for granted, it's not easy to be a nurse!

    Crying Is Not Allowed

    One thing that I could never forget in the course of my nursing education was this: We are not allowed to get attached to our patients because that is against the code. We are just not allowed to show how traumatized we actually are, which is why nurses tend to hide their tears if ever the unexpected loss of their patient happened.

    “Tell Me How You Feel.”

    “Tell me how you feel”. A very common question every nurse asks every patient. Each time we go on duty we shift into auto mode.