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New Online Resource for ‘Prescribing Exercise’ to Your Patients

A resource is now available to help health care professionals to start conversations and advise their patients about physical activity.

World Diabetes Day: A True Life Story of Reversing Diabetes

What better message for us as nurses to get out there for World Diabetes Day on November 14?


Sulfonylureas is another group of agent used to control blood glucose level.

Diabetes Mellitus

Diabetes mellitus is a group of metabolic diseases that occurs with increased levels of glucose in the blood.

12 Outdated Nursing Practices

Let’s go inside a time machine and travel back before to see the practices we don’t do (hopefully for good) anymore.

Medical Tattoos – More Alerting than MedBands?

Medical Tattoos are becoming more common today instead of wearing a standard medical alert bracelets.

Glucose Measurement Without Needle Pricks

Pricking a finger everyday is just part of everyday life for many diabetes patients. A non-invasive measurement approach could release them from the constant pain of pin pricks. The linchpin is a biosensor engineered by Fraunhofer researchers: A tiny chip combines measurement and digital analysis – and can be radioed to a mobile device.