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    Antifungals are used to treat mycosis, or infections caused by fungi.

    Antiprotozoal Drugs

    Antiprotozoals are agents used to treat protozoan infections. Protozoan infections are common in tropical areas.

    Antineoplastic Agents

    Antineoplastic agents comprise one aspect of chemotherapy.


    Antibiotics are agents made from living microorganisms, synthetic manufacturing, and genetic engineering that are used to inhibit specific bacteria.

    Male Reproductive System Drugs

    Drugs affecting the male reproductive system include androgens (male steroid hormones), anabolic steroids, and drugs that improve penile dysfunction.

    Female Reproductive System Drugs

    The female reproductive system works in a cyclical fashion and altering the components of this cycle can have a variety of effects to the body. Hormones and hormonal-like agents are primarily the drugs that affect the female reproductive system.

    Neuromuscular Junction Blocking Agents

    NMJ-blocking agents block nerve stimulation on muscle cells and cause paralysis of the muscles directly without total CNS depression and its many systemic effects.

    General and Local Anesthetics

    Anesthetics are drugs used to cause complete or partial loss of sensation.

    Anxiolytic and Hypnotic Drugs

    Anxiolytic-hypnotics agents are used to alter an individual’s responses to environmental stimuli. These agents are referred to as anxiolytics (prevent feelings of tension or fear), sedatives (help patient feel calm and unaware of their environment), and hypnotics (help patients sleep).

    Psychotherapeutic Drugs

    Study guide for psychotherapeutic agents: antipsychotics, neuroleptics, antimanic, and CNS stimulants. A simplified nursing pharmacology study guide.