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Florence Nightingale Theory and Biography

Florence Nightingale: Environmental Theory

Get to know the concepts behind Florence Nightingale's Environmental Theory in this study guide about nursing theories. Learn about Nightingale's biography, her career, her works that shaped nursing. Next part is an in-depth discussion about her Environmental Theory, its metaparadigm, major and subconcepts, including its application to nursing practice. 
Lydia Hall Nursing Theory

Lydia Hall: Care, Cure, Core Nursing Theory

Learn about Lydia Hall and her nursing theory "Care, Cure, Core" model in this nursing theories study guide. Get to know Lydia Hall's biography, career as a nurse, and an in-depth discussion of her nursing theory where we tackle the major concepts, assumptions, and its application to nursing. 
Hildegard Peplau Biography and Theory of Interpersonal Relations

Hildegard Peplau: Interpersonal Relations Theory

Hildegard Peplau is a nurse theorist who created the Theory of Interpersonal Relations. Get to know Peplau's theory and biography in this nursing theories study guide.