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    New Online Resource for ‘Prescribing Exercise’ to Your Patients

    A resource is now available to help health care professionals to start conversations and advise their patients about physical activity.

    Alarming Obesity Rates Among Nurses

    One in four nurses in the UK was found to be obese, according to a recently published study.

    7 Secrets To Achieving Better Work-Life Balance As a Nurse

    In line with this year’s Nurses Week, with the theme “Nursing: the Balance of Mind, Body, and Spirit”, here are some great tips you can use to keep up with the demands of your work without compromising your well-being.

    5 Ways Nurses Can Stick With Eating Healthy During The Holidays

    Here are five easy ways nurses can stick with eating healthy this holiday.

    Adventurous Nurses? 6 Ways to Keep Your Blood Pumping!

    Nurses are humans too, and they also need a dose of fun and adventure to keep their blood pumping and make life exciting.

    5 Ways Nurses Can Start The Shift Right

    And if that day is today, then you’re in luck. These five easy tricks should start you off on the right track for your upcoming shift:

    Be a Fit Nurse! 5 Types of Workout Exercises Nurses Need To Do

    To make sure you stay in top shape, here are five easy types of exercises you can try:

    Nurse Burnout: 8 Ways to Manage Work Stress

    Here are some ways how nurses can provide effective nursing care without burning themselves out.

    5 Relaxation Tips to Help Nurses Recharge After A Toxic Shift

    Try these five relaxation tips you, as a nurse, can easily do post duty.

    10 Power Tips for Nurses to Stay Healthy

    We nurses are the beacon of health advocating a healthy lifestyle and teaching our patients the tips and tricks of staying healthy. But sometimes, we resort to unhealthy vices that in turn question our credibility in providing care.