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11 Geriatric Nursing Care Plans (Older Adult)

In this nursing care plan guide are ten (10) nursing diagnosis for the care of the elderly or geriatric nursing. Learn about the assessment, care plan goals, and nursing interventions for gerontology nursing in this post. 

The Aging Body Systems: Explaining Physiological Aging

Here are the body systems and the changes they undergo while aging.

2 Macular Degeneration Nursing Care Plans

Nursing management of macular degeneration involves supportive lifestyle changes to adapt to the decrease in vision and others. Here are 2 nursing care plans for macular degeneration.

2 Cataracts Nursing Care Plans

Nursing care revolves around patient education before and after surgery and providing safety. Here are nursing care plans for patients with cataracts.

4 Osteoporosis Nursing Care Plans

A nurse's care plan should focus on the patient's fragility, stressing careful positioning, ambulation, and prescribed exercises. Here are the nursing care plans for patients with osteoporosis.