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9 Bad Career Shift Choices for Nurses

Here’s a list of some careers that nurses CAN’T do!

Hand Hygiene: Are You Cutting Corners and Harming Your Patients?

Hand hygiene is being neglected by doctors and nurses in more than 40% of situations where it is called for.

Hand Hygiene and Handwashing

Handwashing is the act of cleaning one’s hands with the use of any liquid with or without soap for the purpose of removing dirt or microorganisms.

4 Comfort and Hygienic Measures for Dependent Clients

Let us learn how to placate whatever illness our patient experiences by noting these tips on how to refresh our patients at their bedside.

10 Power Tips for Nurses to Stay Healthy

We nurses are the beacon of health advocating a healthy lifestyle and teaching our patients the tips and tricks of staying healthy. But sometimes, we resort to unhealthy vices that in turn question our credibility in providing care.

Safety and Infection Control NCLEX Practice Quiz #2 (20 Questions)

Are you knowledgeable about the concepts behind preventing infections? Take the second part of our Safety and Infection Control NCLEX exam series.

Safety and Infection Control NCLEX Practice Quiz #1 (30 Questions)

This is a 30-item NCLEX practice exam that covers infection control and providing safety.