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    Congenital Hypothyroidism

    Congenital hypothyroidism (CH) is inadequate thyroid hormone production in newborn infants.

    Turner Syndrome

    Turner syndrome is caused by the absence of one set of genes from the short arm of one X chromosome.

    Thyroid Agents

    The thyroid gland uses iodine to produce thyroid hormones that regulate body metabolism. Thyroid agents either replace or remove hormones to prevent deficiency and excess. Thyroid agents include thyroid hormones (T3, T4, TSH)and antithyroid drugs (further classified as thioamides and iodine solution).

    3 Hypothyroidism Nursing Care Plans

    Here are three (3) nursing care plans (NCP) for hypothyroidism (myxedema, cretinism):


    Hypothyroidism results from suboptimal levels of thyroid hormone.

    Respiratory and Endocrine Disorders in Pregnancy

    Pregnancy is both a wonderful and dangerous thing to undergo. Our body sometimes acts in whimsical ways, so as nurses, we should be there to guide and educate our clients accordingly during their journey throughout pregnancy.