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6 Sickle Cell Anemia Crisis Nursing Care Plans

Nursing care planning and goals for patients with sickle cell anemia includes: providing relief for pain, decrease incidences of sickle cell crisis, enhanced sense of self-esteem and power, and absence of complications.  Here are six (6) Sickle Cell Anemia Nursing Care Plans:

5 Lung Cancer Nursing Care Plans

Lung Cancer or carcinoma of the lungs is characterized by uncontrolled growth of tissues of the lung. Below are 5 nursing care plans for patients with Lung Cancer.

5 Pulmonary Tuberculosis Nursing Care Plans

Tuberculosis is an acute or chronic infection caused by Mycobacterium tuberculosis. These are 5 Pulmonary Tuberculosis Nursing Care Plans (NCPs) which you can use for writing your own nursing care plans.