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Learn more about influenza, its different types, symptoms, treatment, prevention, and nursing management in this study guide.

Wuhan Nurse ‘Whistleblower’ Says There Are 90,000 Cases of Coronavirus

An unidentified Chinese nurse posted a video about the coronavirus outbreak on social media. She claims that the number of infected people was far higher than claimed by official sources.

Antiviral Drugs

Antivirals are agents used to treat the diseases caused by viruses such as warts and common colds.

Respiratory Medications NCLEX Practice Quiz (20 items)

This 20-item practice questions will test your knowledge on respiratory medications. Goodluck!

6 Things Nurses Can Do To Avoid Getting Sick

If you’re a nurse looking for ways to avoid this downtime, there here are a few things you do to further boost your immune system.

Respiratory and Endocrine Disorders in Pregnancy

Pregnancy is both a wonderful and dangerous thing to undergo. Our body sometimes acts in whimsical ways, so as nurses, we should be there to guide and educate our clients accordingly during their journey throughout pregnancy.

5 Influenza (Flu) Nursing Care Plans

Influenza doesn't require hospitalization and patient care usually focuses on the relief of symptoms. Below are the nursing care plans for patients with influenza.