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Nurse Forced to Amputate Leg After Ignoring Pain While Working on COVID-19 Frontline

Nurse Sette Buenaventura believed that the cramps in her leg were caused by her extra-long working hours while caring for COVID-19 patients.

Dream Comes True for New Nursing Graduate: From Janitor to BSN at NYU

Persistence and hard work paid off for Frank Baez who recently graduated as a nurse with flying colors

Video of Nurse Singing for Dying Patient – What Does it Mean for Nurses...

A video of a beautiful moment when Nurse Olivia...

A Tribute to Hospice Nurses

"You smile as I enter the room to check on you for the hour. You mumble that you’re not in pain, but I see the pain on your face as I reposition you."

Christmas Magic: A Nurse’s Christmas Story That’ll Warm Your Heart

Christmas magic can be felt in many places this time of year. Unless you’re a nurse.

A Nurse’s Guide to Making Patients’ Holidays Better

Besides other than providing genuine care and helping them get healthy (so they can spend the holidays at home) here are other means you can do to cheer them up:

Oncology Nurse Writes Apology to Her Patients After Getting Cancer Diagnosis

Lindsay Norris, an oncology nurse at a Kansas facility wrote an apology letter to her patients after being diagnosed with stage 3 colorectal cancer in September.

Nursing Students Share the Love This Christmas Season

kind-hearted nursing students from Bangor University extends their banks of love by giving gifts to elderly patients at Wrexham’s Maelor Hospital

Viral Video: Dallas Woman Puts ‘Juju on that Chemo’

Nothing will stop this beautiful lady from feeling her best and fighting!