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The big day has finally arrived! Everyone must be in a state of panic and happiness, but the pregnant woman, who is the center of everything, must stay focused so the entire labor process would go by smoothly and safely.

Nurses Invent Drape Allowing C-Section Moms Immediate Contact with Baby

Three nurses invent a surgical drape that allows C-section moms to have immediate contact with their baby without breaking sterility.

NCLEX Practice Exam 8 (50 Items)

This is a 50-item NCLEX-style examination that will test your critical thinking regarding the different concepts in nursing.

NCLEX Practice Exam 7 (25 Items)

This set, other than various nursing questions, contains a chunk of items related to orthopedic nursing. Enjoy this 25-item NCLEX exam!

Obstetrical Nursing: Intrapartum NCLEX-RN Practice Quiz (60 Questions)

As a nurse, being prepared for the unexpected is critical to positive neonatal and maternal outcomes. Here is a 60-item NCLEX-style examination that covers Obstetrical Nursing.