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Pharmacology Nursing Mnemonics and Tips

Pharmacology Nursing Mnemonics & Tips

It is the goal of these nursing mnemonics to provide an easy quick-guide to simplify the concepts of pharmacology.
Common Generic Name Drug Stems Cheat Sheets Free Download

Generic Drug Name Stems Cheat Sheet

Here's a cheat sheet table of the common generic name drug stems and affixes that you can download and print.
5 Things You Fail to Remember About Nurses

5 Things Patients Often Fail to Remember About Nurses

Even though some of us may have the patience of a saint, there are a few things that we would really like our patients and their families to remember.

Pharmacology: Respiratory and Gastrointestinal Drugs (20 Items)

Now let's test your knowledge about drugs associated with respiratory and gastrointestinal medical therapies. In this 20-item set for the NCLEX, we'll cover topics like Antihistamines, Bronchodilators, Antiemetics, Laxatives, and Antidiarrheal Agents.