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Nurse Left with Horrific Scars after Romanian Convict Threw Boiling Water on Her

A Paddock Wood mental heath nurse was left scarred for life when a Romanian armed robber doused boiling water in her face.

5 Communication Techniques for Individuals with Depression

Here are five therapeutic communication techniques nurses should utilize to deliver effective nursing care in working with individuals having depression.

Which Nursing Area is Best for Your Personality?

I would enumerate some important tips in determining the kind of nursing area that you might like as dictated by your personality.

Schizophrenic Disorders Practice Quiz (15 Questions)

This nursing exam covers important issues about schizophrenic disorders. Also included in this exam are the management and care for patients with schizophrenia. Take time to accomplish this 15-item exam and do best in your NCLEX!

Personality, Mood Disorders, and Suicidal Behavior Practice Quiz (25 Questions)

This nursing exam covers topics about personality, mood disorders, and suicidal behavior. Accomplish this 25-item exam and do good in your NCLEX!

Stress, Anxiety, and Mind-Body Disorders Practice Quiz (25 Questions)

To an extent, most diseases are psychosomatic - involving both mind and body. Thus, this nursing exam covers topics about stress, anxiety, mind-body, somatoform, sexual, and eating disorders. Don't miss this 25-item exam and soar high on your NCLEX!

Mental Health: Ethical Challenges and Providing Quality Care

Whether working in a hospital, a care home, or...