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8-Step Guide to ABG Analysis Tic-Tac-Toe Method

In this guide, we will teach you the eight (8) steps on how to interpret and analyze arterial blood gas (ABG) results using the tic-tac-toe method.


Infectious diarrhea is commonly referred to as gastroenteritis.

NCLEX Practice Exam 17 (50 Questions)

Accomplish this 50-item nursing examination covering a wide range of topics about Medical-Surgical Nursing. If you are taking the board examination or nurse board examination or even the NCLEX, then this practice exam is for you.

Fluid and Electrolytes, Acid-Base Balance

Fluid and electrolyte balance is a dynamic process that is crucial for life and homeostasis.

ABG Analysis NCLEX Exam #1 (10 Questions)

Are you an expert in interpreting ABGs? Once you have finished doing this activity, you'll be doing actual ABG Analysis in the NCLEX with fun and excitement. So here's a 10-question practice exam!

Metabolic Alkalosis

Metabolic Alkalosis is an acid-base imbalance characterized by excessive loss of acid or excessive gain of bicarbonate produced by an underlying pathologic disorder. Metabolic alkalosis causes metabolic, respiratory, and renal responses, producing characteristic symptoms. This condition is always secondary to an underlying cause.