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Obstetrical Nursing: Postpartum NCLEX-RN Practice Quiz (55 Questions)

A 55-item examination, NCLEX style, that challenges your knowledge about Postpartum Care. This will tackle topics nurses should learn about mothers prior to their discharge. Yes, including lochia... excessive lochia!

Medical-Surgical Nursing Exam 26: Oncology Nursing (56 Items)

This is a 56-item examination about the concepts covering Oncology Nursing. These challenging questions can help you sharpen your knowledge for the NCLEX or any licensure examinations.

NCLEX Pharmacology Quiz 2 (20 Items)

Set your mind for another 20-item NCLEX practice quiz about Pharmacology! Let's see how well you answer these questions!

NCLEX Pharmacology Quiz 1 (20 Items)

As nurses, we need to have an extensive knowledge about the different drugs and their uses. But how vast is your knowledge about the concepts of Pharmacology? Take our 20-item NCLEX practice quiz about this topic.

NCLEX Pharmacology Quiz 4 (30 Items)

Take the last part of our Nursing Pharmacology exam series for the NCLEX with this 30-item exam. This exam focuses more on providing interventions when adverse effects occurs.

NCLEX Pharmacology Quiz 3 (30 Items)

This is the third part of our Nursing Pharmacology exam series which focuses more on administration of various drugs. Take our 30-item exam that will review you on the different concepts of drug administration.

Community Health Nursing Exam 1 (145 Items)

Gauge your knowledge about Community Health Nursing (CHN) in this 145-item examination. Almost all common board exam questions about CHN and Public Health Nursing (PHN) are covered in the exam.