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    Nurses’ ‘Fixation’ on Equipment Largely to Blame for Toddler’s Death

    Nurses’ errors were found during an inquest to be largely to blame for the death of a 3-year old boy Aidan Mara.

    Elizabeth Wettlaufer Serial Murders: Did the System Fail the Patients?

    Wettlaufer was found guilty of 8 counts of murder, 4 counts of attempted murder and 2 cases of aggravated assault against elderly patients by injecting them with insulin.

    SA Nursing Council Launches Anonymous Hotline for Reporting Nurses

    An independent hotline to report unethical behavior by nurses was launched last month by the South African Nursing Council (SANC), the country’s regulating body for nurses.

    Surgeon and Nurse Dances While Performing Surgery

    A doctor and nurse that were captured on camera laughing and dancing to pop music while doing surgery.

    Nurse Struck Off After Failing to Provide Resuscitation

    Doreen Ellam, a Warrington Hospital nurse, was struck off after she failed to give resuscitation to her patient, gave paracetamol to an allergic patient, and was implicated in many other cases of negligence and misconduct.

    Crackdown on Degrading Nursing Home Patient Pictures

    The agents of the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) are now hot on the heels of abusive healthcare workers who post degrading pictures of their patients online.

    Nurse Saves Newborn from Wrong Diagnosis

    The nurse persistently urged the medical staff to run more tests, and Joseph was indeed found suffering from pyloric stenosis

    5 Difficult Nurse Coworkers You’ll Encounter And How To Deal With Them

    Here are the 5 difficult nurse coworkers you'll encounter and our cheat sheet on how to deal with them.

    5 Things Nurses Must Never Say To Patients

    Stay away from saying these five sentences.

    8 Bad Work Habits Nurses Should Defeat

    Here are some of the annoying work habits that lessen the possibilities for career development, and can even risk our employment (or lose it forever).