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Alarming Obesity Rates Among Nurses

One in four nurses in the UK was found to be obese, according to a recently published study.

Depressed Nurses More Likely to Make Medical Errors

Nurses who report poor health, and specifically depression, are more likely to make medical errors, according to recent information published by the Ohio State University.

3 Reasons Why You Should Be Your Priority Patient

Here are three reasons why you should be your priority patient:

6 Things Nurses Can Do To Avoid Getting Sick

If you’re a nurse looking for ways to avoid this downtime, there here are a few things you do to further boost your immune system.

5 Ways Nurses Can Start The Shift Right

And if that day is today, then you’re in luck. These five easy tricks should start you off on the right track for your upcoming shift:

Be a Fit Nurse! 5 Types of Workout Exercises Nurses Need To Do

To make sure you stay in top shape, here are five easy types of exercises you can try:

5 Ways How Nurses Can Squeeze in Self-Care

Nurses can easily care and cure other people but they often forget to take care of themselves. To prevent these issues from happening, here are five ways you can perform self-care even while on duty.

6 Must-Try Meal Planning Tricks for Nurses

Whether you’re looking for ways to be healthier or you just want to drop off a few pounds, then these 6 easy meal planning tips can set you back on the right track.