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The Decade Ahead: 9 Trends That Will Shape Nursing in the 2020s

Here are nine things that will shape the world of nursing in the 2020s!

High Nursing Student Dropout Rates Are a Global Concern

In the United Kingdom, a quarter of nursing students drop out of their courses, and it seems that similar or higher drop-out rates occur across the world.

Open University-Style Training for Nurses – Answer to Nursing Shortages of the Future?

The United Kingdom Secretary for Health, Jeremy Hunt, recently announced that he is seriously considering distance learning as an option for meeting the nursing staff crisis in the UK.

9 Ways to Flunk Your Nursing School Admission Interview

There is such a shortage of nurses that the nursing school admission interview is just a formality, especially if you have excellent grades. Right?

6 Persistent Nursing Issues and Challenges We Still Can’t Solve

Nursing has come a very, very long way in the past century. However, some of the challenges highlighted by nurse leaders in the late 1800’s to early 1900’s, still face the profession a century later even though their exact nature might be somewhat different.

15 Hilarious Behaviors You Developed as a Nurse

As experts in our own field, these hilarious behaviors might make others grin and shake their head in disbelief. In return we can say, “I know, I know… It’s because I’m a nurse.”

5 Kinds of Nurse Preceptors You Will Encounter

Be prepared for getting to know and dealing with them with these rundown on the most common types of nurse leaders that may manage you in your unit.

4 Positive Uses of Social Media in Nursing

Social media has positive uses for nurses too!

Hospital of Horrors: A Nursing School’s Take on Halloween

Staff and instructors of a nursing school found a creative way to simulate a new learning experience for their nursing students.