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Nursing Pharmacology Practice Questions & Test Bank for NCLEX (500+ Questions)

Welcome to your ultimate set of nursing pharmacology questions for the NCLEX!


In this nursing pharmacology guide for student nurses, learn about the uses and nursing care plan considerations needed for patients taking antacids.

Proton Pump Inhibitors

Learn about proton pump inhibitors, its uses, and the nursing considerations for patients using them.


Immunostimulants or immune stimulants are drugs that energize the immune system when it is exhausted from fighting prolonged invasion or when the immune system needs help fighting a specific pathogen or cancer cell. It is one of the classifications of drug class called immunomodulators.

6 Things Nurses Should Know if They Commit a Serious Medication Error

Here are six things nurses need to know if they commit a medication error:

Antiviral Drugs

Antivirals are agents used to treat the diseases caused by viruses such as warts and common colds.


Antifungals are used to treat mycosis, or infections caused by fungi.

Anti-Infective Drugs

Anti-infective agents are drugs utilized to exert effect on invading foreign organisms on the body, especially those which can cause infection.

Antiprotozoal Drugs

Antiprotozoals are agents used to treat protozoan infections. Protozoan infections are common in tropical areas.

Antineoplastic Agents

Antineoplastic agents comprise one aspect of chemotherapy.