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Ultimate Nurse Mannequin Challenge

This mannequin challenge is massive and hits close to home!

Affording Nursing School and School Loans

Nurse Sean gives us a few money pointers when it comes to nursing school and needing loans.

Last Day of Nursing School

The video below is a new nurse’s documentation of his last day of nursing school

7 Joys of Nursing School

As much as pursuing a degree in nursing is challenging, it has redeeming qualities that are ten times more fulfilling. Read and discover them to boost determination and inspiration to become a legit RN.

10 Study Tips for Student Nurses

Here are 10 study tips to make your student nurse life a little bit easier.

5 Essential Tips for New Nurses

Here are a few tips for you, nurses, to be successful. Take notes.

7 Challenges of Nursing School that Student Nurses Will Face!

Excited for nursing school? Read and prepare yourself first for these 7 things that makes nursing a challenging program.

5 Signs You’re Ready to Receive Your Nursing Degree and Start Your Career

Confirm your success by marking checks on everything on this list of things that tell you that you are eager to accept your diploma.

25 Things Nurses Should Be Thankful For Every Shift

We may not get bonuses as big as other jobs, but we have these things to be grateful for...

10 Nursing School Clinical Exposure Tips for Student Nurses

Here are 10 tips to maximize every nursing student’s first clinical exposure.