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The Perfect Nursing Shift

The alarm is beeping. Somehow I feel rested.

Nurses, Please Take Your Breaks!

You are not doing yourself or your patients any favors by working hours on end without a taking a break.

5 Things Nurses Need to Let Go For The Job

Despite these differences in perception, we can all agree that nursing is no easy job. On top of its physical demands, there are also a lot of things we have to give up for our chosen career.

Our Cup of Coffee: 6 Caffeine Facts for Nurses

Caffeine has many benefits to humans, but are there any cons that nurses must know about their ultimate energy beverage?

5 Ways Nurses Can Start The Shift Right

And if that day is today, then you’re in luck. These five easy tricks should start you off on the right track for your upcoming shift:

Are You Guilty? 5 Common Errors New Nurses Make

If you’re a new nurse, you may probably find humor and learning in these five common errors we all tend to commit as newbies.