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    High Nursing Student Dropout Rates Are a Global Concern

    In the United Kingdom, a quarter of nursing students drop out of their courses, and it seems that similar or higher drop-out rates occur across the world.

    4 Hardest Parts of Nursing School

    Alexis Nicole shares tips on how to handle the 4 hardest parts of nursing school!

    Sepsis Survivor Takes Up Nursing to Raise Awareness

    A student nurse who had a near-death experience after doctors failed to recognize the signs of sepsis wants to use her experience to raise awareness and help save lives.

    Open University-Style Training for Nurses – Answer to Nursing Shortages of the Future?

    The United Kingdom Secretary for Health, Jeremy Hunt, recently announced that he is seriously considering distance learning as an option for meeting the nursing staff crisis in the UK.

    Nurses Can Lose Their License Because of Unpaid Student Loans

    When nurses fall behind in their student loan repayments, they can lose their license to practice in terms of the law in some states of the US.

    Nursing, The Law of Attraction, and Everything Else in Between

    How can the Law of Attraction help nurses?

    9 Ways to Flunk Your Nursing School Admission Interview

    There is such a shortage of nurses that the nursing school admission interview is just a formality, especially if you have excellent grades. Right?

    Things Nursing Students Don’t Say

    Students and faculty of the University of New Mexico’s School of Nursing put together a video entitled ‘Things Nursing Students Don’t Say,’ to entertain nursing students and nurses alike.

    Nursing Metamorphosis: The Journey of a Registered Nurse

    The life of a butterfly is no different from a nurse.

    Hilarious Story of Student Nurse’s Struggle to Insert Catheter Will Make Your Day

    Hey Prof, are you teaching your students or are you just humiliating them?