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    5 Hemophilia Nursing Care Plans

    The nursing care plan goals for a client with hemophilia may include absence of complications and pain, prevention of injury and bleeding, improved physical mobility, and understanding of the disease condition and its management. Here are five (5) nursing care plans (NCP) for hemophilia:

    4 Disseminated Intravascular Coagulation Nursing Care Plans

    The following are the common nursing care planning and goals for clients with DIC: maintenance of hemodynamic status, maintenance of intact skin and oral mucosa, maintenance of fluid balance, maintenance of tissue perfusion, prevention of complications. Here are four (4) nursing care plans (NCP) for disseminated intravascular coagulation:

    5 Deep Vein Thrombosis Nursing Care Plans

    The nursing care plan for the client with deep vein thrombosis include: providing information regarding disease condition, treatment, and prevention; assessing and monitoring anticoagulant therapy; providing comfort measures; positioning the body and encouraging exercise; maintaining adequate tissue perfusion; and preventing complications.

    Cardiovascular & Hematologic Diseases in Pregnancy

    Serious complications could arise from cardiovascular diseases during pregnancy.