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NNU Holds National Day of Action, Petitions for Workplace Protection

Nurses across the US took part in a day of action on August 5 calling for better protection for both nurses and their patients.

Active Shooter Situation Preparedness for Nurses and Healthcare Workers

Being mentally prepared will help nurses to take action immediately on the “Run, Hide, Fight” continuum and could save your own and other’s lives.

Staffing Levels, Not Lack of Caring, Determine Patient Satisfaction

Patients’ level of satisfaction with their stay in hospital is closely linked to registered nurse staffing ratios.

How ‘Rudeness’ in Healthcare Setting Affects Nurses

The researchers concluded that in a real situation it could have made the difference between the patient living and dying.

Depressed Nurses More Likely to Make Medical Errors

Nurses who report poor health, and specifically depression, are more likely to make medical errors, according to recent information published by the Ohio State University.

6 Things Nurses Should Know if They Commit a Serious Medication Error

Here are six things nurses need to know if they commit a medication error:

Doc Vader on “Safety Regulations”

Darth Vader as…a radiology technician?

3 Good Reasons Why Doctors Should Listen To Nurses More

There are a lot of things that set doctors apart from nurses.

3 Reasons Why Nurse-Bullying Must Stop

Here a few reasons why nurse bullying is dangerous and unacceptable.

Safety First: A Nurse’s Guide to Promoting Safety Measures Throughout the Lifespan

Here is a guide to promoting safety measures throughout the lifespan.