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Top 5 Nursing Specialization Choices

Here’s the list of the top nursing specialties.

NCLEX Practice Exam 2 (40 Items)

Another set of 40-item NCLEX exam. These questions can help you sharpen your critical thinking skills and prepare you for the big exam day!

40 Nursing Bullets: Pediatric Nursing Reviewer

Extend and further strengthen your knowledge about the concepts of Pediatric Nursing with these 40 Nursing Bullets. These Nursing Bullets are bite-sized information that are easy to absorb and best read during your reviews for NCLEX or the board exams.

Becoming a Pediatric Nurse: 5 Things to Consider

When you consider a career in pediatrics, as a nurse or otherwise, it’s not uncommon to hear how rewarding it can be. It’s very true, but it’s also important to realize the nuances of that experience and like any nursing profession, it isn’t always straightforward and it can be incredibly challenging

5 Medical Jobs That Work with Children

You know that you want to work with children, and you’ve always had a soft spot in your heart for the pediatric department at the hospital.