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What would you do in this situation?

4 Child Abuse Nursing Care Plans

The major nursing care planning goals for the child experiencing abuse includes ensuring adequate nutrition, safety of the abused child, relief from anxiety, improving parenting skills and building parental confidence.

How ‘Rudeness’ in Healthcare Setting Affects Nurses

The researchers concluded that in a real situation it could have made the difference between the patient living and dying.

4 Ways on How to Deal with Verbally Abusive Patients

Sometimes, people cross the line of being rude and are verbally abusive. Here are a few tips to help you manage verbally abusive patients.

Physical, Sexual Abuse, and Family Violence Practice Quiz (15 Questions)

This 15-item quiz will test your knowledge on the concepts of physical and sexual abuse, and family violence. How well can you handle these situation? Let's find out!

Psychiatric Nursing Practice Quiz #1 (50 Questions)

Appraise or increase your knowledge with this 50 item NCLEX-style quiz covering topics like substance abuse, eating disorders, psychiatric medications and more.