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    Complications of Adolescent Birth and Postpartum Period

    Pregnant adolescents have greater risks of complications than the average pregnant woman.

    Care of the Newborn

    As their healthcare provider, we are the ones who handled them primarily the moment they were delivered, so it is up to us to give the best primary care to these little angels before we hand them over to their parents.

    Postpartum Care

    After the very exhausting phase of giving birth, the newborn is not the only one who needs to be taken care of.

    Postpartum Changes

    As the postpartum period sets in, changes will start to set in slowly and gradually, and the woman must be armed with information so she would be able to deal with these life changes.

    Postpartum Depression

    A feeling of sadness that occurs for more than a year after the postpartum period and interferes with the normal functions of the mother is called postpartum depression.