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Problems with Fetal Position, Presentation, Size, & Passage

A pregnant woman would always want the best for the fetus growing inside of her.

Stages of Labor

Promoting the health of women in labor is one active way of reducing maternal mortality and ensuring universal access to reproductive health services.

The Pregnant Woman with Special Needs

A pregnant woman who has a special need needs more attention and care than an average woman warrants.

The Pregnant Woman with Physical and Mental Challenges

With the advent of technology, women who are physically and mentally challenged are given more ease during pregnancy and childbirth with the guidance of their healthcare providers.

Musculoskeletal Disorders and Mental Illness in Pregnancy

A pregnant woman needs to be healthy in both the mind and the body to survive her pregnancy. To maintain her over-all well being, caregivers must collaborate with each other for a more holistic and effective care to make sure that the woman and the fetus are both safe.

Trauma in Pregnancy

Planning the care of a pregnant woman who experienced trauma should be one of the skills of a healthcare provider, for this may happen rarely but unexpectedly.

Neurologic Disorders in Pregnancy

Learn the nursing care of a woman with neurologic disorders: seizure disorder, myasthenia gravis, and multiple sclerosis.

Cardiovascular & Hematologic Diseases in Pregnancy

Serious complications could arise from cardiovascular diseases during pregnancy.

Sudden Pregnancy Complications

Sudden pregnancy complications might occur, and the health care providers must be prompt in attending to a woman who undergoes this problem along the way.

Psychological Changes in Pregnancy

The various changes that a woman undergoes during pregnancy entirely sweep the entirety of the human body.