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    Seizure Disorders (Epilepsy)

    A seizure is a sudden, uncontrolled electrical disturbance in the brain. It can cause changes in behavior, movements or feelings, and in levels of consciousness.

    7 Meningitis Nursing Care Plans

    Nursing goals for a child with meningitis include adequate cerebral tissue perfusion through reduction in ICP, maintain normal body temperature, protection against injury, enhance coping measures, accurate perception of environmental stimuli, restoring normal cognitive functions and prevention of complications.

    5 Near-Drowning Nursing Care Plans

    Therapeutic goals for a client who has nearly drowned include providing adequate oxygenation, maintaining a patent airway, maintaining cerebral perfusion, continuous monitoring, providing rewarming methods, and absence of complications.

    5 Seizure Disorder Nursing Care Plans

    In this guide are five nursing diagnosis for seizures nursing care plans including their nursing interventions and nursing assessment.

    Charlotte’s Web: How Marijuana Helped Stop a Child’s Severe Seizures

    This is Charlotte Figi and she had her first seizure when she was 3 months old.