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6 Science-Based Tips for Better Sleep

This article looks firstly at the consequences of sleep deprivation and fatigue. We then provide some tips which you can try to sleep better—before you resort to medication.

Helping Patients to Sleep Will Reduce Their Pain

A recent study with significant implications for nursing care found that even minor sleep deprivation can increase pain sensitivity and cause a drop in the neurotransmitters that relieve pain. 

12 Funny Things That Wake Nurses at Night

One crazy and, sometimes, an annoying phenomenon about being...

Nurse Snooze: 7 Sleep-Promoting Tips Nurses Must Share to their Clients

Individuals should need to realize the importance of sleep and its relation to fulfillment, productivity, and activity. Here are seven sleep-promoting tips nurses must share to their clients:

5 Relaxation Tips to Help Nurses Recharge After A Toxic Shift

Try these five relaxation tips you, as a nurse, can easily do post duty.

7 Tricks For Nurses to Survive Night Shifts

To help you stay productive throughout the night, here are 7 must-do tricks for you to survive the night shift.

Sleep Disorders NCLEX Practice Quiz (30 Questions)

This is an NCLEX style questionnaire about the concept of Sleep. These include latest management guidelines and recommendations, and strategies nurses can use to help patients, colleagues, and themselves. So, wake up and increase your ability to focus with this 30-item exam!