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Quebec Doctors Sign Petition Against Pay Increases in Solidarity with Nurses

A petition by doctors against pay increases, nurses reporting themselves for poor standards of care, pilot projects to determine proper staffing ratios, and a drop in the number of students applying for nursing programs, have all followed in the wake of the stir caused by the overworked Quebec nurse’s cry for help on Facebook in January this year.

Overworked Nurse’s Cry for Help Shakes Government into Action

After yet another exhausting nightshift, Émilie Ricard, a 24-year old nurse from Quebec in Canada, shared a post to her friends on Facebook.

Nurses Called to Stand Up for Mandated Nurse-to-Patient Ratios

Nurses across the US as being encouraged to support the two bills for safe nurse staffing currently under consideration at the federal level.

Safe Nurse Staffing: 4 Key Points You and Hospital Admins Must Know

The following points about nurse staffing levels are supported by mounting research evidence in published studies across the world.

Hospital Staffing Levels Linked to Higher Patient Survival Rates, Study Says

Research showed that there were lesser mortality rates within facilities that have more doctors and nurses on duty to provide immediate care during critical patient situations.

How For-Profit Hospitals Affect Staffing

There are definitely some significant pros and cons between for-profit and non-profit hospitals.

Nursing Management: Guide to Organizing, Staffing, Scheduling, Directing & Delegation

This is a guide for nurses who wants to learn the concepts behind Nursing Management. This will guide you to Organizing, Staffing, Scheduling, Directing & Delegation for nursing.