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Personality Disorders Practice Quiz #2 (50 Questions)

Get an in-depth questioning about Depression, Personality Disorders and Psychiatric Drugs in this 50-item NCLEX Exam. Take this quiz and learn more about personalities disorders and existing approaches to management and treatment.

Psychiatric Nursing Practice Quiz #2 (50 Questions)

This examination about Psychiatric Nursing contains 50 questions.

Mood Disorder, and Substance Abuse (25 Questions)

In order for us, nurses, to be able to give support to people with little else in their lives besides addiction, we should possess certain knowledge in pain management and help regulate treatment for patients addicted to drugs, alcohol, and other substances. Questions about Substance Abuse, Alcoholism, Therapeutic Communication and more are included in the 25-item NCLEX sample exam.

Communication in Nursing: Documentation & Reporting

Communication is one of the means in establishing rapport and a helping-healing relationship to our clients. It is an essential element in nursing and this post will help you understand the concept of communication. This is also a primer teaching you documentation and reporting in nursing.