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Nurse Fired for Speaking Out on Workplace Violence Wins Her Job Back

An arbitration court ordered employers to give Sue McIntyre...

Nurses Called to Stand Up for Mandated Nurse-to-Patient Ratios

Nurses across the US as being encouraged to support the two bills for safe nurse staffing currently under consideration at the federal level.

Short Staffing: 6 Awful Things That Happen When There’s Not Enough Nurses

The old adage of “so many things to do, but so little time” is not new for us nurses- and so is short staffing.

Safe Nurse Staffing: 4 Key Points You and Hospital Admins Must Know

The following points about nurse staffing levels are supported by mounting research evidence in published studies across the world.

Patient Assaults on Nurses: 5 Things Nurses Should Do

With increasing workplace violence, what can need to know and what they can do during these situations?

Remembering Kimberly Hiatt: A Casualty of Second Victim Syndrome

Let’s shine a light to the story of Kimberly Hiatt for a moment whose untimely suicide sparked numerous debates whether the penalty imposed for her after committing a medication error was justifiable or not.