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6 Urinary Tract Infection Nursing Care Plans

6 Urinary Tract Infection Nursing Care Plans

The focus of this care plan for Urinary Tract Infections (UTI) include relief of pain and discomfort, increased knowledge of preventive measures and treatment regimen, and absence of complications. Here are six (6) nursing care plans (NCP) for urinary tract infections (UTI):
Genitourinary System Disorders NCLEX Practice Quiz #1 (50 Questions)

Genitourinary System Disorders Practice Quiz #1 (50 Questions)

Test your knowledge about the manifestations of urinary tract disorders, relating manifestations to the pathophysiology of the disorder with this 50-item NCLEX style exam. This exam will exercise your ability to answer questions about the Genitourinary System or the Urogenital System.
Urinary System Disorders NCLEX-RN Practice Quiz #1 (50 Questions)

Urinary System Disorders Practice Quiz #1 (50 Questions)

This is a 50-item NCLEX style exam that has questions about the diseases affecting the Renal System. Challenging questions about Chronic Renal Failure, Kidney Transplant and Renal Calculi are given in this test.