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25 Truths All Nurses Know

This video gave me a good chuckle. Yep, we nurses do have a unique and weird sense of humor – one of the truths mentioned in this clip entitled "25 Truths All Nurses Know."  Then, in spite of what each day brings, in the end, you will nod your head and agree that you still love your job.

‘Nurse Virginia’ Tribute by ZDoggMD Gets to the Heart of Nursing

“Nurse Virginia” is his musical tribute to all nurses “the unsung heroes of healthcare”. Well, I guess with this very special song they are no longer “unsung”!

Why I Chose to Be a Nurse and Not a Doctor

YouTuber Ashley Adkins, RN lists several reasons why she chose to be a nurse instead of a doctor.

Things Nursing Students Don’t Say

Students and faculty of the University of New Mexico’s School of Nursing put together a video entitled ‘Things Nursing Students Don’t Say,’ to entertain nursing students and nurses alike.

Everyone Matters: A Plea for Compassion for Healthcare Staff

Healthcare staff may not say it out loud, but they, too, need care and attention. This is what the video entitled “Everyone Matters” tells us.

Nurses Try Out Nurse Halloween Costumes…And Hated Them!

BuzzFeed gathered a group of nurses and get them to try some sexy Halloween nurse costumes and see what they thought of them.

Breast Cancer Patient Dances Her Way To The Operating Room

Rather than sulking into the operating room for a double mastectomy, Doreta Norris chooses to dance.