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Nurse on a Date

Nurses are highly committed to their jobs. They work long and exhausting shifts, and quite regularly there are many hours on top of this - when they can’t get away or have to work overtime.

‘Nurse Virginia’ Tribute by ZDoggMD Gets to the Heart of Nursing

“Nurse Virginia” is his musical tribute to all nurses “the unsung heroes of healthcare”. Well, I guess with this very special song they are no longer “unsung”!

Surgeon and Nurse Dances While Performing Surgery

A doctor and nurse that were captured on camera laughing and dancing to pop music while doing surgery.

People Guess the Meanings of Popular Nursing Slang

In this video, non-medical people guess the meanings of some of these slang terms. It’s funny to watch different people guess at the meanings of the terms. None of them guess correctly!

Amazing ‘Cat Nurse’ Comforts Sick Animals at Polish Shelter

A black cat named Rademenes proves that compassion is contagious.

7 Simple Tips to Get Accurate Blood Pressure Reading

The procedure on how to obtain a reading is almost inbred in every nurse, but how does one obtain an accurate blood pressure?

Nominate Outstanding RNs for 2016 ANA’s National Awards

Time has come once again to nominate a deserving nurse for their outstanding contributions in health care for an ANA National Award. It's the Call for 2016 National Awards Nominations!

‘The Doctors’ Shine Light on the Great Work of Nurses

Watch a panel of nurses voice out the significance of nurses not only in the healthcare field but also the world!

Watch This NICU Nurse in a Tearful Reunion With Babies She Saved

Watch This NICU Nurse in a Tearful Reunion With Babies She Saved. Get Your Tissues Ready!

Miss Colorado Appears on ‘Ellen,’ Defends Monologue

The lady who gained much attention about her unique 'talent' at Miss America’s 89th beauty pageant is on the spotlight once again.