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Forensic Nurse: All You Need to Know About Forensic Nursing

Forensic nursing is the application of nursing globally when health and legal arrangements meet. It is one of the most recent, but rapidly growing, specialty areas in nursing.

Nurse Fired for Speaking Out on Workplace Violence Wins Her Job Back

An arbitration court ordered employers to give Sue McIntyre...

8 Weird Workplace Dangers Nurses Have to Deal With

Here are eight workplace dangers only nurses have to deal with (and, really, deserve more appreciation for putting up with them).

Patient Assaults on Nurses: 5 Things Nurses Should Do

With increasing workplace violence, what can need to know and what they can do during these situations?

Video Shows Patient Attacking Nurses with Metal Bar

Maplewood police released a video on Thursday showing 68-year-old Charles Logan attacking four nurses on the morning of November 2 using a metal bar he ripped from his hospital bed.