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    House Passes Bill to Prevent Workplace Violence Against Health Care and Social Service Workers

    H.R.1309 was passed by the House of Representatives to address violence against health care staff.

    Nurse Fired for Speaking Out on Workplace Violence Wins Her Job Back

    An arbitration court ordered employers to give Sue McIntyre...

    3 Reasons Why Nurse-Bullying Must Stop

    Here a few reasons why nurse bullying is dangerous and unacceptable.

    7 Types of Challenging Patients and How to Interview Them

    Here are the seven types of challenging patients and how to interview them for your nursing assessment.

    Patient Assaults on Nurses: 5 Things Nurses Should Do

    With increasing workplace violence, what can need to know and what they can do during these situations?

    5 Ways Nurses Can Deal With Aggression in the Workplace

    Using the following techniques to deal with aggressive behavior can usually turn the situation around and reduce the need for a crisis team.

    When Nurses Eat Their Young: 4 Ways to Respond to Bullying in Nursing

    When nurses eat their young, what exactly do you need to do? Here’s a list of responses you can take to address bullying.

    5 Difficult Nurse Coworkers You’ll Encounter And How To Deal With Them

    Here are the 5 difficult nurse coworkers you'll encounter and our cheat sheet on how to deal with them.