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Burnout Now Officially Recognized as a Health Concern

Burnout is a recognized syndrome according to the recently released ICD-11. Its cause is workplace stress that has not been managed effectively, according to the recently released ICD-11.

3 Easy Ways To Balance Work And Life When You’re A Nurse

If you are struggling with these issues, here are three things you can do to get the best out of work and life.

New Nurse? 8 Kinds of Nurses You’re Going to Work With

New nurse? Here are the 8 kinds of nurses you're going to meet.

10 Tips for New Nurses and Advice on Surviving Your First Year

It's normal to be nervous on your first day as a nurse. With these tips for new nurses and advice from experienced nurses, hopefully, we can help you survive your first year as a nurse. 

Horizontal Violence – Don’t Take it Lying Down!

Horizontal violence (or lateral violence) is increasingly common among nursing. The impact of such violence can cause detrimental damage to the victim involved and patient care can be de-prioritised.