‘The Doctors’ Shine Light on the Great Work of Nurses


One of the most memorable moments during the 2016 Miss America pageant was registered nurse Kelley Johnson’s impassioned monologue. The monologue of Miss Colorado was praised by nurses and members of the media but some berated her choice of talent which was perceived by many as a mocking of the nursing profession.

On Friday, nurses invaded the TV show “The Doctors” giving nurses a chance to speak up and raise awareness on the significance of the nursing profession. Addressing the issue is a panel of nurses consisted of Miss Colorado Kelley Johnson, Monique Doughty, Alice Benjamin and Nurse Mendoza.

ER physician Dr. Travis Stork says he found Kelley’s monologue to be moving, and OB-GYN Dr. Jennifer Asthon adds that nurses play a crucial role in providing the “care” of health care. Family medicine physician Dr. Rachael Ross adds that nurses always are the first medical staff to jump into action, both in and out of the hospital setting.


It was a wonderful and insightful episode. Want more nursing video? Click here!

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